reception area 

The brief was to create a feature piece for the reception area, shared by two production companies based in an old building in Dublin city centre. It would be a focal point within the reception area but would also serve a number of functions including coffee dock, media unit, storage, and display for their awards. The young companies were cognisant of the history of the building and were keen to specify old reclaimed wood instead of new wood for the piece.


A building with a history 

The building was once home to Legg Bros, a packaging company and saw mill for over a 100yrs. Established in 1861, the company manufactured wooden bread trays, bottle crates and packing cases for clients such as Guinness, Coca-Cola and the Harry Clarke Studios. The business survived until the introduction of plastics; the last recorded date for Legg Bros Ltd. in the Thoms business Directory being 1974. 


The unit is made from reclaimed cedar planks sourced from a local salvage yard. Along with being the desired colour to suit the interior, the fact that cedar wood has a scent is an interesting aspect; almost a way of bringing a hint of the old sawmill into the current offices. The storage crates are made from pine reclaimed from an old bookcase, sourced locally to the Chocolate Factory.  Stencil work completed on the ‘bottle crate’ box drawers.  A subtle nod to the past and the present, and hopefully leaving a mark for the future. 


A local cabinet-maker in Drumcondra was involved in the construction of the sideboard unit. It was great to keep the footprint of the project small. The design and construction detailing was kept simple and because the wood was in good condition very little machining was required. The stenciling for the boxes was completed by hand and a beeswax finish was applied to the unit. The richness and variance in colour in the cedar wood planks came through wonderfully, and showed off the character that old wood can hold.