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My story 

Designer and maker.

My philosophy

Simple aesthetics + function + character. 

Style over trends. Search for things you truly connect with and you will love them forever. They will not go out of fashion.

Permanent over transient. Choosing and collecting a smaller quantity of good quality, long-lasting items that will be kept and handed down instead of the throwaway culture.  

My story up to this point

Even as a kid I always loved making things. The wonderful sense of contentment in being absorbed in the process of making and the satisfaction at the end in having created something.

Studied at The Furniture College, Letterfrack, Co. Galway. Graduated with a first class honours degree in Furniture Design and Manufacture. I was humbled and honoured to return 6 yrs later as an external examiner for the course.  

Joined the world of academia and spent a number of years as a part-time lecturer in Furniture Design, CAD and Training & Education in Griffith College Dublin and completed a Masters in Technology and Learning in Trinity College. 

Then returned to designing and making. 

Set up my studio in The Chocolate Factory Dublin in the summer of 2013.

The story continues every day.

I'm loving the journey. :)